About Tadda


LaTasha E. Lewis, B.S.N., R.N a native of Detroit, Michigan is a graduate of historic Tuskegee University, and has been been an expert in health and wellness for well over a decade.   Affectionately known as “Tadda” by her family and childhood friends, fitness camp alums would tell you that this name is more a description of the results she delivers in the camp.

Participants experience more than a few lost inches under her leadership; they embrace a lifestyle change and are astounded at their own capabilities.  ”TAH-DAAAAHHH!” is what the scales will say, the waistlines  will say, the witnesses will say, and YOU will say when seeing the finished product of TADDA’S FITNESS CAMP.

Tadda has always been committed to fitness, starting her journey as a cheerleader at the tender age of seven, and progressing to distance running.  Her expertise as an Level I Trauma Nurse, a nurse manager, a nurse educator and a BCLS/CPR instructor blended with her added qualifications as an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, underscores her ongoing drive to create healthier lifestyles for all.  Tadda’s strengths are more than just a passion for healthcare- she has the knowledge and experience to back her instructions.