Taddas Fitness Camp!

Welcome to Taddas Fitness Camp online! We want to extend an invitation to all of you who are looking to kick start your efforts to get in shape. Taddas Fitness Camp is a great way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally to establish a workout routine that will not only get your body into shape but also help you to develop a pattern of healthy eating and living! Start your journey today!

The Journey Starts with You!

Lets Go! Six (6) Weeks of intense programs that burn fat and build muscle. We have designed this program to invigorate the body and to encourage continued persistence in your lifestyle but the journey begins with you! We encourage you to take the challenge head-on but at your own pace. You can join the camp at any time within the six (6) week period. Move at your own pace. We work with any and all types, men and women, beginners as well as advanced levels!

Can I Get It! Can I Get It!

A variety of different exercises keeps the muscles and the body guessing as to what you are going to do next. We focus on providing an extensive set of mixed routines that keep the body working to burn fat and to develop muscle! Variety is the key to successful development and it also keeps you from getting board! From Zumba to Kickboxing we give you all types of exercises that will keep you invigorated and keep your body excited about what’s next!

Move Your Body!

Move Your Body! Constant moving and rigorous variety, breeds consistency in your effort to develop a healthy exercise filled lifestyle. Tadda’s Fitness Camp is designed to do just that, we provide you with all of the tools necessary to succeed, from meal planning to convenient morning or late afternoon sessions throughout the week, our workout programs are designed for convenience and flexibility in your schedule. Start your journey now!

Reshape Your Lifestyle!

Commitment is based upon your intention to achieve a per-designed goal. Let us help you to jump start a strategy to get in shape now. Why wait? Let’s build the momentum you need to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle. We will provide you with a comprehensive Nutritional Meal & Fitness Plan that you can utilize not only at camp but you can also use this plan into your everyday lifestyle. Work with a group of dedicated individuals whose purpose is to carefully craft a lifestyle plan for you. Sign up today!

Client Case Studies


  • Oh…. the little things we take for granted. I was finally able to sit ” Indian Style” after years of trying. I plan to keep moving and to not take myself for granted any longer. My new motto is “use it or lost it”. A sedentary lifestyle is “NOT” an option.

  • I have tried several other fitness camps before but this has been the BEST camp by far!!!!!! I have really enjoyed myself the past six weeks. I especially loved the variety in the day to day activities. I look forward to attending another session!!!!!!!!

Friends & Family

Friends & Family

Friends & Family

Why choose TFC?

  • Challenging 6 Weeks Program
  • Lose Up to 35lbs!
  • Certified Fitness Trainers
  • Nutritional Meal & Fitness Plan
  • Strength & Agility Training
  • Fully Equipped Facility
  • Indoor & Outdoor Training
  • Onsite Childcare Availability
  • Complimentary Wake-up Calls
  • Flexible Payment Options

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